Cork's Leading Organic Box Scheme

What to look out for on our stall this month:
 Lots of fresh produce... so delicious!

Our favourite veg this month:
Anything green!

Our favourite fruit this month: 
Oranges ...

Here now! January 2020
Marmalade oranges!!!

Organic Gift Hampers for sale!!!
A delicious treat or gift
Seasonal, tropical & dried fruits
Gift card included
Baskets from €25 delivered to recipients door
Call Organic Republic on 0863623918

We deliver boxes of organic fruit & vegetables (see below) all over Cork city and suburbs on a weekly basis. If you're interested in signing up for boxes browse the information in the sections below for more details on the scheme and how to contact us directly.

You can also keep up to date with us on our Facebook page - join us at for details!
 NewsWe are now supplying gift vouchers, which make lovely presents for people with busy lifestyles who appreciate the environment and who would enjoy a home delivery service but just haven't got around to it yet!

What we sell:

We stock everything and anything in the line of fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs- from dried or fresh mango to the humble spud, all certified organic and very tasty! (See list below).

How the organic box scheme works:
We deliver the boxes weekly on a Thursday or Friday depending on which part of Cork city or suburbs you live in. The boxes contain a seasonal selection of organic fruit and vegetables. Customers have the option to accept the default selection of fruit and veg or specify particular contents. Browse here for more information on how the box scheme works and how much it costs.

How to sign up for the box scheme:
If you're interested in the box scheme simply email us at or call Caitriona on 086 3623918 

You can also keep up to date with us on our Facebook page - join us at for details.

What's in the boxes this week?:

Generally we fill the boxes with a seasonal mix including basic items such as potatoes, onions, carrots. We then add in filler veg and a decent portion of fruit. If the customer doesn’t want the basics or a particular filler or indeed fruit in their box they can simply let us know in advance and we will exchange them for a different filler.

Most people enjoy the default selection every week and just let us know when we meet them first what they most definitely don’t want to receive. We try to rotate the contents weekly to ensure a good variety.

This coming week, for home deliveries on week beginning on the 20th January, we will be supplying our customers with:

Our €20 veg box this week: Potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, garlic, broccoli, pak choi, kiwis and apples.

The €25 box will also have another fruit and veg 

The €30 should have second extra fruit and veg

Also available:

 €20 Salad Box (a mix of what's available: lettuce, radishes, onions, celery, rocket, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, celeriac, coleslaw cabbage etc) 

€20 Fruit Box (a mix of seasonal Irish/European fruit (oranges, apples, pears, berries when in season, etc), with some exotics such as bananas/pineapples if requested)

€20/ €25/ €30 Juice Box (depending on availability this is a  a mix of carrots, celery, beetroot, cucumber, apples, ginger, turmeric, lemons, oranges, spinach, kale)   

A Custom Made Box and email us the ingredients from our list below.
For a €20 box choose 6 to 7 items
For a €25 box choose 8 to 10 items 
For a €30 box choose. 12 to 14 items

And so on!

What fruit and veg is available at this time of year? 

The following is a list of the fruit and vegetables available at our stalls. The letters in brackets indicate the origin of the veg this week (18/01/20) . If our Irish supplies are running low in yield we look to our European neighbours for extra produce):


Aubergine (Sp), Butternut Squash(Sp), Broccoli (It), Beetroot (Irl), Carrots (Irl), Celeriac (Nl), Courgette(It), Chinese cabbage(Nl), Chard (Nl), Chilli peppers(Sp), Cauliflower (It), Red or White Cabbage (Nl), Cucumber (Sp), Garlic (Sp), Ginger (Per),Kale (Irl), Leeks (Nl), Lettuce (Fr), Lions mane (Irl), Mushrooms (NL/Irl), Oyster mushrooms (Irl), Onion red/yellow(Sp/Irl), Pak choi (NL), Parsnip (Irl), Potatoes (Irl),  Peppers (It/Sp/Nl), Shallots (FR/Nl), Shitake (Irl),  Sweet potatoes (Sp), Spinach (Nl), Swede turnip (Irl), Tomatoes (Large)(It/Sp), Tomatoes cherry (Sp/It), Turmeric (Per).


Apples (Fr/Nl)Avocado (Sp),  Banana (Dom Rep), Blood oranges (It), Clementines (Sp), Dates medjool (Us), Gold Kiwi (It), Kiwi (It), Lemon (It), Limes (Mex), Mango (Sp), Marmalade oranges (Sp), Oranges (It), Pears (Nl), Pomegranate (Sp), Pineapple (Togo), Walnuts (Fr).

At this time of year we have Irish suppliers some of the above veg but they are seasonal and only limited quantities are available. Therefore we turn to European certified organic growers as a back up to be able to provide you with the above throughout the year

Bananas and a few other exotic fruits come from further afield.

We are certified by the Irish Organic Association (I.O.A) Licence No. 6005

Who are we?:
We are a small family-run business based in Cork. We began selling organic fruit and vegetables sixteen years ago at our local farmers market when we realised that it was very hard to find a good variety of organic produce in the supermarkets .. and it all took off from there!

We have gone from doing one market a week to doing a five day week, along with adding a very successful box delivery scheme and wholesaling to local health food shops.

We love being out at the markets, meeting and talking to our customers but with today's busy lifestyle people can't always make it to their local market so we are happy to bring organic fruit and veg to your door!

Give us a call (086 3623918) if you live in Cork and want healthy, high quality fruit and vegetables without the hassle of having to go to the shops.

Our Ethos:
Our fruit and vegetables are all certified organic by the Irish Organic Association and our ethos is to source fresh produce locally whenever possible. We firmly believe in the fair trade label and support it fully, supplying the people of Cork with fair trade bananas, pineapples, mango, coconuts and dates whenever possible.

Why Organic?:
Because we think it is very important to protect the environment and the habitats of the creatures  living around us and because we believe that you are what you eat!
The organic movement makes for a much safer lifestyle all round. The community of organic growers who supply us do not use harmful pesticides which could potentially upset the balance of multipe ecosystems. They are aware of the surrounding countryside and to keep their organic licenses
they must maintain certain standards which protect the environment.

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Phone: 086 3623918